Top Ways to Consume CBD or Marijuana

CBD or Marijuana

With a myriad of marijuana consumption methods available, any current or new user can find a technique that meets their needs. Marijuana users are versatile. Everyone has different expectations and needs from marijuana. Each consumption method provides different benefits and outcomes to the user. The following list examines a few of the most popular marijuana and CBD consumption methods. Which is best for your needs? Most people find that using a combination of consumption methods best suits their needs, but there’s only one way to find out. Browse this list and then give each option a try to find your favorite.


Mail order marijuana users who want a controlled dose of THC often turn to pills and capsules. The pills and capsules are easy to take and ensure that you do not consume too much THC or CBD. They’re popular across the U.S., especially in areas where marijuana may not yet be legal. It is discreet and easy-to-use wherever you go. Pills come in assorted milligrams and made from different strains so every user can reach for a product designed specifically to help ease their complaints.

Smoking (Joints and Blunts)

The tried and true consumption method preferred by most cannabis users is smoking. Users can roll a joint or what’s known as a marijuana blunt using a hollowed-out cigar filled with flower plant that has been broken down.  Almost all marijuana users smoke the product in a joint or a bong at least on occasion. It is the most commonly used consumption method around today.


Concentrated forms of cannabis known as dabs are very popular, particularly in states that offer legal marijuana. Made by extracting THC and cannabinoids from the plant, the result is a sticky wax or shatter that users inhale using a special tool. Dabbing is more potent than smoking or any other consumption method. It’s great for anyone who wants to have a good time and for people that need immediate relief from moderate to severe pain.


A bong is a type of water pipe that is used with flower cannabis.  Usually, more experienced smokers use bongs. A bong can be found in many sizes, designs and shapes so you enjoy a cool factor before your sesh. It’s smoother to inhale, easier to inhale deeper and as a result, provides users with a more intense and enjoyable high.


Many users prefer bowls when smoking by themselves or with just one other person. They’re small and convenient and resemble tobacco pipes. Consuming smaller doses of marijuana/CBD is easy when using a bowl. Like bongs, bowls come in assorted shapes, sizes and designs so it’s easy to enjoy the moment before the smoke hits your lungs.


More and more people reach for marijuana edibles these days since they’re widely available. Edibles offer a yummy treat with a refreshing dose of THC or CBD that gently but effectively stops pain in its place and provides other benefits. Edibles are odor-free and easy-to-use at home, at work or anywhere else. Choose from goodies such as cookies and brownies or even drink your THC via a cola or a coffee or tea! No one else knows that your sweet treat contains THC!

Remember, consuming marijuana and CBD is a personal experience. Have it your way, every time you consume. Switch up the consumption methods and experience more excitement during each CBD/marijuana sesh! The above marijuana consumption methods are among the many ways to enjoy your daily dose of THC. Don’t miss out on the phenomenal experiences another day.